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Norah Lofts – The Lost Queen.

Corgi 1970, 318pp paperback, vochtplek binnenkant voorplat, boekblok verkleurd, engelstalig.

Princesses are born to be exiled. What is the alternative? Spinsterhood? Thus the future of caroline matilda, youngest sister of george III, was settled – exile to a foreign country, and marriage to a nearly insane crown prince of denmark. Entreatingly prompted by a sense of foreboding, she begged that one of her sisters be sent in her place. But caroline was the healthiest, the strongest of the english princesses, and as well as being exiled, princesses were meant to be brood mares… Here is the life of caroline matilda set against the stark contrasts of 18th century denmark; the cruelty, poverty and oppression of life under an absolute monarch sinking into madness; and the hatreds and court intrigues that swirled around the young english girl who was queen of denmark.

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